For our Spring 2016 intern project at ID Public Relations, we were to present new business opportunities for the agency – 1 brand, 1 talent and 1 film. Contact Bonnie if you are interested in seeing a copy of the final presentation.


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While pursing my undergraduate degree in Journalism at Elon University, I was the Features Editor of the student news organization, The Pendulum. As the Features Editor, I brainstormed story ideas on human-interest topics, investigative pieces, and events in the Elon community, corresponded with reporters daily and helped them to develop stories and corresponded with photo editors, design editors and graphics editors to create effective layouts. I also wrote human-interest stories, profiles and investigative pieces and interviewed students, professors, musicians, and faculty and local government officials, as well as visiting speakers and performers and conducted background research and fact-checking for articles, designed pages, copy edited and managed online content.

Here are a few of my work samples from my time at The Pendulum.





During my time as Features Editor, I also started The Pendulum Wellness Blog. As a Pilates a Yoga instructor and enthusiast, I am passionate about health and wellness, so I wanted to contribute my knowledge to the Pendulum in the form of an informal, conversational blog. Since graduating from Elon, I have continued my pursuits in health and wellness blogging with my personal health journey on my personal blog.


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Coca-Cola Events Campaign Proposal

Coca-Cola Proposal Pitch

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Alternative Apparel Re-branding Project

Master’s Thesis Project 


Female empowerment in the media and in advertising has grown into a popular trend called “Femvertising.” Dove was among the first brands to aim to empower women through the widely known Campaign for Real Beauty. While it is both criticized and praised, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty has spurred on other female beauty brands to utilize messages of empowerment in their campaigns in an effort to connect to women and sell more products.

This project involved primary and secondary research to gain insights on how women view empowerment in beauty advertising, and how to best reach women based on their perspectives and opinions about female beauty. These insights were applied to the campaign creation process for TheVerbBeautiful.com, a wellness website for women that makes self-care and getting involved easier and empowering. View a pilot of the website here: http://bonnieefird.wix.com/theverbbeautiful

This project is a case study for creating an empowering beauty-related campaign targeting women in an ethical and socially minded way, presenting beauty from a balanced and holistic point of view.

To view the whole document, click the link below.



Below, you can see the produced campaign materials.

Print Ads

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Out of Home Idea

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Social Media Pages

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I collaborated on a commencement speech for a major non-profit executive with Julia Ryan, the other creative intern. Then, our supervisor, John, made his own edits and tweaks to the speech.

To see clips, please email bonnieefird@gmail.com. Due to confidentiality, I must have work samples approved before I can share them.



Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series at the NAACP Image Awards

Here are two spec-scripts that Julia Ryan and I wrote together to pitch to the folks at NAACP during our time at ID.

Press Releases


TVB Press Release




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Diva Mama's

Listen to the 60 second radio spot here: The South in Yer Mouth Bonnie Efird

This ad is another example of an unexpected statement.